Providing quality services to our customers represents an essential part of our organization’s philosophy and is the basis of the whole quality management system implemented by us in conformity with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2015.

We consider the quality of our work as the main method of enhancing overall performance as well as the most efficient business card for our organization.

            In order to provide competitive services we aim to identify, understand and satisfy customer requirements and we commit ourselves to follow continual improvement of our activity.

The principles that represent the basis of our philosophy are:

- continual awareness on the importance of following quality and conformity requirements in order to continuously improve our performance;

- continual monitoring of our processes and associated results in order to treat nonconformities and find opportunities for improvement;

- adopting a pro-active rather than reactive attitude towards quality starting from the premises that it is easier to prevent than treat nonconformities;

- continual conformity with legal and regulatory requirements applicable and a good relation with authorities.

The management takes full responsibility for providing all needed resources for the optimal functioning of the implemented management system as well as achieving specified quality objectives
                                                                                     01.02.2017                                                                                                                             THEODOROS NASIOUDIS
                                                            Theodoros Nasioudis-Fotini Polydorou Law office
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